Youth Organizing & Campaigns

Youth Power!

The Youth Organizing Program is the HOW of building hope, equity, and power with LGBTQ+ youth through the GSA network and schools across the state.

In this year-long internship program, a cohort of youth ages 13-19 develop their leadership skills and collaborate with each other, Outright staff, allied youth in their region, and the statewide GSA Network to bring positive change to their community.

Here’s what youth organizers can do:

  • assess the state of schools

  • engage in dialogue with other youth in their region

  • learn to use tools like power analysis and network mapping

  • direct campaigns based on their interests and the needs

  • and - of course - celebrate and have fun together

Youth Organizers go through extensive ongoing training with Outright staff, and commit 1-10 hours a week for 11 months, from August-June. Youth Organizers receive a stipend of $500 a month ($5,500 a year).

Although it's a stipend position, this isn’t a job - it’s a real-world opportunity for you to learn, grow, and discover how you want to have an impact. 

Go to our Jobs & Internships for more information. Our application process opens in May for the following school year's cohort. In 2022-23 we have 11 youth organizers from around the state!

You will gain:

  • knowledge of what organizing is and how to do it

  • an understanding of the role of taking risks for goals and actions related to the LGBTQ+ youth community and liberation

  • an increase in skills and experiences around risk-taking

  • an understanding of how to fit into the work as activists, organizers, volunteers and more

Join Us and Claim Your Voice

Youth power in education

Bring queer and trans youth voice and power to the center of school-based change work.

  • Youth tell their own stories about the impact of queer and trans antagonism in their schools.

  • Youth adult co-facilitation as a way forward for sharing the truth about queer and trans youth.

  • Design and facilitate youth and adult-facing workshops to make schools freer and better for all.

Knowledge Empowers Queer Youth

Inclusive sex ed

Improve youth access to relevant, accurate, and affirming sexuality education!

  • Organize workshops and breakout groups at Outright statewide events, organizing youth to share information about the state of sex education in schools statewide.

  • Network with GSA's statewide to build a coordinated movement for curricular improvements at the district level.

support trans youth

Gender-affirming resources

  • Partner with Outright staff and Vermont medical professionals to create and distribute medically accurate and accessible educational materials on safe, healthy, and effective binding, tucking, and packing.

  • Research and coordinate purchasing and distribution of high-quality gender-affirming garments, at no cost, directly to youth who need them.

  • Work to end stigma for trans youth in their schools and communities.

  • Develop educational offerings to support trans youth who need gender-affirming resources.

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Let's Create Change Together!

Through youth-led campaigns, training weekends, regional groups and statewide events, youth organizers share in the work of building the base of youth ready to respond to the needs of their compatriots.

By learning, growing, and taking risks for liberation, youth organizers support Outright's work of centering youth voice and power.