Theory of Change

Together We Can Change the World

Outright’s Theory of Change mirrors the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Social-Ecological Model: A Framework for Prevention and the Vermont Prevention Model, which demonstrate the multiple layers of personal, interpersonal, community, structures, and policies that must work together to create sustainable social change. Because harm and violence can exist at each of these layers, interventions at every level are needed to create the world we want!

Here’s how we work across multiple levels to achieve our vision and mission.

  • Discovering Self & Peer Connections
  • Strengthening Families
  • Transforming Schools & Communities
  • Advancing Liberation & Social Justice
You Matter & Deserve to Be Seen

Discovering self & peer connections

Unleash your inner leader, find your people, and get a high-five from super supportive adults. This journey is all about embracing your true self and making meaningful connections.

With a sprinkle of self-discovery and a pinch of peer power, we're on a mission to banish self-harm and build a happier, stronger you. 

Youth & Family Support

Stand Together in Solidarity & Support

Strengthening families

We're focusing on building empathy and active allyship, so everyone feels understood and supported in their family.

And, of course, we're here to offer resources to help queer and trans youth thrive. By fostering supportive relationships and connecting with a community of family peers, we'll create an environment where everyone feels at home and cherished.

Youth & Family Support

Foster an Environment of Acceptance & Belonging

Transforming schools & communities

Schools and communities need to be transformed into safe spaces where our queer and trans youth feel welcome. Let's shift those outdated gender and sexuality norms, and make room for a world of acceptance and love. With active allies by our side, we'll march together, creating the most vibrant and inclusive communities ever!

Schools & Communities

Put Meaning Behind Words

Advancing liberation & social justice

It's about embracing our inner rebels and saying "no, thanks" to blending into harmful systems. Together, we'll put on our superhero capes and challenge those oppressive norms, creating a world that's brighter and more just.

Using the truth of others as fuel and propelled by our curiosity and growth mindset, we'll embark on a journey of creating waves of change and spreading kindness every step of the way.

Youth Leadership

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