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When you volunteer with Outright, your impact is life-changing! Plus, you will join a community of passionate supporters who believe in the power of love, joy, and glitter!

Whether you want to pitch in with administrative work or provide direct support to LGBTQ+ youth, there's likely an opportunity for you. When you volunteer with Outright, you will receive orientation and staff support to make sure you have what you need to succeed and feel seen, appreciated, and celebrated along the way!

Check out our volunteer roles

  • Youth Group Facilitator

  • Adult Group Facilitator

  • Event Volunteer

  • Office Admin Volunteer (filing, mailings, data entry, etc.)

  • Beautifiers and Earth Lovers (landscape, gardening, painting, etc.)

  • Advocate Volunteer

  • Camp Volunteer

  • Photographer

  • Videographer

  • Graphic Designer

Please note some volunteer opportunities require an interview and background checks to ensure the safety of LGBTQ+ youth, staff, and supporters. Also, some volunteer opportunities require affinity identities.

Volunteer Opportunities

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Be a part of the intergenerational support

Facilitate youth & adult groups

We offer LGBTQ+ youth and model healthy behaviors to ensure that the group space is safe and supportive for everyone.

Youth groups are social, and you might find yourself playing cards, doing crafts, or hanging out with other youth in the space. Groups are facilitated by individuals with prior experience working with youth. We ask that facilitators have fun while the group space is safe and supportive for everyone.

Facilitator Requirements

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Self-identify as queer/LGBTQ+
  • Complete an interview
  • Complete background and reference checks
  • Attend a new facilitator training (offered four times a year)
  • Commit to engaging in facilitator meetings actively
  • Commit to a year as a facilitator

A licensed mental health provider facilitates the Trans Parent Group.

Time Commitment: We estimate approximately two hours when you facilitate a group, and the number of groups you facilitate is up to you. Plus, volunteer facilitators need to factor in their travel time.

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Help Unify Pride Events

Event volunteer

We love Queer Joy, so we love events that unite our community! Your support ensures that all events are smooth, fun, and fantastic. Throughout the year - and even every month - we need volunteers to assist with a range of tasks, including:

  • Setting up and breaking down venues

  • Helping with registration

  • Taking photos

  • Greeting supporters

  • And more

Your volunteer time at events is a HUGE help to ensure there's lots of Queer Joy to go around!

Time Commitment: Depends on the event and needs, so look for special requests. Also, we will work with your availability!

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Help Make Change & Have a Blast Doing It

Office admin volunteer

Whoever said filing and data entry isn't fun hasn't hung out with our amazing crew at the office! We always appreciate when volunteers provide administrative support regularly or when we put a call out for special projects.

As an admin volunteer, you help keep the operations running efficiently so we can keep our focus on LGBTQ+ youth!

Time Commitment: We hope for a consistent schedule for planning purposes, but we're nimble and can work with your availability!

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everyone deserves beautiful surroundings

Beautifiers and earth lovers

We love the planet and our office space that welcomes LGBTQ+ youth, staff, and supporters daily! Both are good to us, so we must nurture the land we rest on and ensure that our space supports our physical and mental health.

When you pitch in as a beautifier and earth lover, you're helping us demonstrate to the world that we know we are worthy of peaceful and joyful spaces while contributing to Burlington's vibrancy.

Time Commitment: To keep things feeling good daily, we can work with your schedule, so there's no specific time commitment. We will send a call out for larger projects, but rest assured that you'll likely hear from us annually during the spring and fall months.

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Be a visible and vocal supporter of LGBTQ+ youth


If you're willing to write a letter to the editor, contact your legislators, provide testimony, or attend rallies and advocacy days, let us know. We’ll be sure to keep you informed about advocacy opportunities.

Time Commitment: We can't put a time commitment on this one. However, we can promise that we will only ask for your action if we feel that it will have an impact!

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help our message reach audiences everywhere

Photography, videography and design

As storytellers, we know compelling images, engaging videos, and great design can help our message reach LGBTQ+ youth and other audiences everywhere. We welcome your support if you're a creator and passionate about our mission.

Time Commitment: Approximately two hours a week. We have ongoing layout and design needs. Additionally, photography and videography are event specific and average approximately 3-5 hrs an event.

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bring something special to the table

Camp Outright

Volunteers at Camp hold a special place in our hearts! It is one of the best opportunities to be in nature, engage with LGBTQ+ youth, and be surrounded by LGBTQ+ adults and allies who revel in Queer Joy. From acting as a camp counselor to preparing meals for campers, there's always a place for volunteers because the lift is mighty!

Oh, we really need kitchen volunteers for Camp Outright! Kids can eat!

Go to Camp Outright for more information. 

A Permanent Home for Camp Outright!

With the historic aquisition of beautiful Camp Sunrise, we're bringing to life the power of radical hope for LGBTQ+ youth. Heck Yeah! 

Read all about it!