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Create a Positive Future For All LGBTQ+ Youth

A standing ovation

Right now LGBTQ+ youth are seeing themselves on local and national stages.

We need youth to hear us cheering loudly and emphatically from the audience.

Your gift today keeps us here for these very moments:

  • Creating spaces where youth gather
  • Giving them tools that let their voices be heard
  • Allowing them the freedom to just be kids
  • To imagine a future that’s bright

Here’s to young people being wholly, emphatically, and joyfully themselves, together. You are key to making better moments happen, one standing ovation at a time.


Your donation can help create places where LGBTQ+ youth feel empowered to be their authentic selves and explore a brighter future.

Contribute today and make something incredible happen!

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Nex Benedict, Rest In Power.

Hate will never win. Together, we will rise with and alongside you.

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