GSA Conference

Celebrate Together!

GSA Conference

The GSA Conference is an annual fall conference for youth leaders and advisors from Vermont middle and high school GSAs. It’s FREE, fun, and for you! - Yes, lunch is included.

This is a MUST-GO TO event If you want to:

  • network with other youth and advisors from around the state

  • develop leadership and community engagement skills

  • learn about how to make your GSA vibrant, inclusive, and effective

  • build a community of people who fight for justice

This event provides a space for adult advisors and student leaders to strategize in an intentional—and obvs fun!—way to ensure the coming school year is a smashing success.

At this year’s GSA Conference, over 200 LGBTQ+ youth, allies, and advisors gathered for a fun-filled day of community, activism, and yummy food! If you missed out, don't worry, there's always next year. 

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I learned so much from all the diverse people at the GSA Conference, and hearing about everyone's stories made me feel more connected to them and in my own queer and trans experiences. - 2023 GSA Conference Attendee

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