Shel Pomerantz

Communications Coordinator — any pronouns

As Communications Coordinator, Shel is responsible for stewarding the communications that express Outright’s voice and heart. Through managing the organization’s social media and online presence, creating and distributing digital and print media, supporting video production, and responding to incoming queeries, Shel ensures there’s always an open door and sense of welcome for youth, their families and supporters. 

A lover of language and a nerd for words, Shel adds pizzazz to Outright’s public communications and tells the story of Outright in all its sparkly glory!

Growing up as a queer kid in Burlington, Shel loved the weekly ritual of pizza and catching up with friends at Friday Night Group. While earning a BA in Sociology at PSU in Oregon, Shel directed an educational storytelling program. Sociology helped them understand how environments shape individuals; coordinating panels of student storytellers proved to them that communication and storytelling have the power to transform entire communities. It was their peers' stories of growing up queer all over the world that inspired Shel’s return to Outright, the place where they first learned to be a hopeful, self-assured queer person. 

When they’re not working on punny posts or glittery graphics, Shel can be found making music, art, and pickles with their family and spoiled pets.