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Mercedes Maurice

Education and Leadership Coordinator — she/her

As the Education and Leadership Coordinator, Mercedes is the first point of contact for all Outright’s education offerings. She administers training and professional development for adults who work with youth, including online resources, statewide training events and conferences, and long-term educational partnerships with schools, districts, and organizations. She also supports LGBTQ+ youth in accessing leadership opportunities, statewide events, direct action campaigns, and more.

Mercedes is inspired by watching youth transform the struggles of the learning process and engage fearlessly in change-making and self-discovery. She is dedicated to ensuring youth leaders have the space to thrive as the best and bravest possible versions of themselves, and that adults in their communities are poised to support and believe in them. 

Seven years of experience working in affirming summer camps has impressed on Mercedes the value of joyful and vulnerable silliness. Drawing on a disability education lens, she aims to create learning spaces for adults and youth alike that are fun, accessible, and affirming. Mercedes’ background in sex education supports her passion for teaching and her ability to delve into difficult topics with openness and humility. She is currently completing an MEd in Human Sexuality from Widener University. 

One day, Mercedes plans to retire to a home in the countryside with her loved ones, a small herd of elderly rescue dogs, and lots of big beautiful flower gardens for all the birds and the bees.