Lisa Huttinger

Director of Development — she/her

As the Director of Development, Lisa connects, inspires, and mobilizes donors, foundations, businesses, collectives, and supporters of all kinds to ensure youth have the space, trust, and resources they need to make the magic.

From the splashy and dazzling annual Fire Truck Pull fundraiser to the hidden daily rituals that characterize meaningful, lasting relationships, Lisa pursues the opportunities that keep Outright’s community deeply connected to our work — and ensures we can sustain our commitment to the needs and values of LGBTQ+ youth. Lisa draws the roadmaps between the present moment and the bold and joyful hopes and dreams of Vermont’s LGBTQ+ youth and illuminates the path for the awesome individuals and businesses who want to see that bright future realized.

Lisa’s undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of South Carolina, a Master’s in Experiential Environmental Education from Teton Science Schools and the University of Wyoming, and her nearly 30 years of experience in the nonprofit world come together in a unique synergy here at Outright. Her administrative leadership and expertise inform her sustainability-focused and community-centric strategy for securing Outright’s future.

Lisa is also pretty tough! She once spent a year living in a cabin with no plumbing, where reaching the “facilities” involved hiking through six feet of snow while being on the alert for bison. Bison are very, very large. Lisa now lives on a small farm where she keeps pigs, dairy goats, chickens, and ducks - all of which are a much more manageable size.

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