Ginger Irish

Donor Relations Manager — she/her

Ginger is a relationship-builder and connector who cares deeply about equity and justice. People are drawn to Ginger’s authenticity, humor, and deep listening. She loves to connect awesome people to each other to create even more awesomeness! Ginger was an Outright youth in the late 90s and knows firsthand the life-affirming power of supportive connections and queer joy. As Donor Relations Manager, Ginger’s role is to help our donors understand all the ways they can support LGBTQ+ youth.

Ginger has over 10 years of professional experience building positive relationships and engaging leaders and community members in creating a more equitable world. Before joining the team at Outright, Ginger served as Director of Communications and Legislative Affairs at the Department of Vermont Health Access. Ginger has worked nationally and statewide, strengthening communications, strategy, and leadership in the healthcare sector. Her understanding of systems and people comes partly from her Sociology degree, earned in 2003 at Smith College. As part of her degree, Ginger spent a year studying abroad at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. In 2016 Ginger earned her MFA in Studio Arts from Vermont State University in Johnson, VT. Ginger graduated from the Snelling Center for Government's Vermont Leadership Institute in 2019 and intentionally began working statewide in Vermont and bringing an equity lens to her work. 

Ginger likes to laugh and make other people laugh. An adventurer at heart, Ginger loves nature, traveling to new places, and meeting new people. If she could time travel, Ginger would like to go many years into the future to find out what happens next!