Dana Kaplan

Executive Director — he/him/his

As the Executive Director, Dana oversees the organization’s strategic direction and inspires Outright staff, partners, and supporters to take meaningful action in support of our mission. Dana keeps his eyes on the horizon and his hands on the wheel, ensuring that Outright is steady, queer and always advances toward a bold Vermont where all LGBTQ+ youth have hope, equity, and power! 

Dana ensures that our vision, mission, Theory of Change, and Queer Ethic and Guiding Principles are aligned in the implementation of strategies to accomplish our mission. In doing so, he anchors Outright’s role as the “go to” organization on LGBTQ+ youth issues and elevates Outright as a trusted community partner that offers reliable resources, information, and support.

As a recognized thought leader on issues that impact LGBTQ+ youth, Dana identifies and promotes opportunities for change. In addition to ensuring the fiscal success and smooth operations of the organization, Dana cultivates leadership and opportunities for Outright community members to grow personally and professionally. 

Dana’s graduate degree in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies shaped him into the relationship-builder he is today. He knows that accountable and fruitful relationships require an ability and willingness to ask the hard questions and that difference is an opportunity for growth and connection.

Fun fact about Dana: he is a twin! He is older by 2.5 minutes. He’s also a little competitive. In his free time, Dana enjoys playing music with his indie-pop band and getting sassed by his two kids. He is a Jewish New Yorker through and through!

A Permanent Home for Camp Outright!

With the historic aquisition of beautiful Camp Sunrise, we're bringing to life the power of radical hope for LGBTQ+ youth. Heck Yeah! 

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