Amelia Schlossberg

Family Engagement Manager — They/Them

As Family Engagement Manager, Amelia helps families to strengthen their bond with each other and find their place within a broader community of care. Amelia provides accessible and inclusive programming and resources that are centered on joy and connection, ensuring that families have all the knowledge and support they need to be wholehearted allies, skilled advocates, and sources of strength for their LGBTQ+ kids. In addition to overseeing programming for families and younger age groups, such as Trans Parent Group and Gender Creative Kids, they provide outreach and resources for parents, caregivers, and families of LGBTQ+ youth. By building meaningful relationships with families, volunteers, and community partners, Amelia reinforces the broad network of care that youth need in order to thrive.

Amelia became part of Outright as a youth, nurturing their passion for social justice and serving others at Outright’s Youth Leadership Day. After earning a BA in Biology at Carleton College in Minnesota in 2013, they returned to Vermont where they became a Friday Night Group facilitator in 2015. Amelia spent the next five years at Vermont Legal Aid, where they served as a Health Care Advocate and helped individuals, families, and providers navigate medical and insurance systems. Following their time at Vermont Legal Aid, Amelia spent three years at Planned Parenthood of Northern New England continuing to champion health equity while providing community education and programming.

Amelia now lives in Burlington with their partner and dog. They spend their free time reading, growing cherry tomatoes, and Googling “can dogs eat cherry tomatoes.” When Amelia finds an upside-down penny on the sidewalk, they turn it heads-up so the next person to find it can have good luck.