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LGBTQ+ youth speak for themselves!

A.A. Hanvey

(Any pronouns)

From the outside, A.A. seems fearless. They spent 2023 personally training their entire district on inclusive practices, leading a chant at a rally full of strangers, at Camp learning to throw an axe, and shipping gender affirming supplies statewide to trans youth.

But in the past, they say, “There were a lot of things that I didn’t do because I’d scare myself off.” At Outright, A.A. has found space to test their bravery and discovered their power to make a real difference: “It’s made me confident in myself and my ability.”

As A.A. tells their friends, courage isn’t being fearless. It’s being true to yourself despite your fears.

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Charlie was the emcee at Outright’s 2023 Leadership Day rally, and he was nervous. 

“I never speak in front of people. Whenever I speak, all of the words fall out of my mouth and I'm not sure what I'm saying anymore.”

But that day, Charlie’s powerful testimony echoed not only across the capitol, but across the state when he was featured on the news.

Now a second year Youth Organizer and first year college student, Charlie says the welcoming community at Outright gave him the courage to use his voice - and to envision himself as a leader. 

“I think that's the most important thing Outright does - it lets people know that community is possible.”

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For Malika, school wasn’t always welcoming. “I dealt with a lot of stuff from people in power… who weren't doing the best they could.”  

As a Youth Organizer, while helping train school staff across Vermont, Malika discovered the power of connecting with other youth leaders to create change. Through working together, they could accomplish more - with more queer joy!

The community at Outright inspired Malika to connect with peers locally. Now she knows what to do when there’s trouble in the classroom: “I can bring the other students who are having trouble with me.”

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A Permanent Home for Camp Outright!

With the historic aquisition of beautiful Camp Sunrise, we're bringing to life the power of radical hope for LGBTQ+ youth. Heck Yeah! 

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