Delanté Keys

Education Manager — they/he

As Outright’s Education Manager, Delanté champions the implementation of school-based transformation across Vermont, including developing partnerships with K-12 schools across the state, creating training plans, and designing curriculum and policy. Delanté’s central focus is on helping adults build the skills and knowledge needed to show up for LGBTQ+ youth, leveraging their roles to catalyze school-based change and broader community transformation.

Growing up Black and Queer in Washington, D.C., Delanté spent a great deal of their youth focused on survival. They know that today’s youth deserve better, and they are committed to building a less fractured and more empathetic community where those who are Queer, Black, underrepresented, overlooked, or underserved have the safety, support, and connections to choose their invaluable path and thrive as the best possible versions of themselves. 

Delanté holds a BFA in Acting from Arcadia University, and prior to Outright he worked as the Educational Theatre Coordinator at the SAFE Alliance. This role taught him to use theatre as an education and communication tool, sparking meaningful conversations with youth and adults alike.

In their spare time, Delanté might be spotted kayaking on Lake Champlain, knitting in a hammock, catching a soccer match, gardening, dancing, or in the process of making a new friend.